Ayanna in the Dorchester Reporter on Senior Housing - Ayanna Pressley City Councilor-at-Large

Ayanna in the Dorchester Reporter on Senior Housing

Ayanna was quoted in the Dorchester Reporter for her support for affordable housing for seniors:

BHA Wants to Favor Seniors’ Housing

By Lauren Dezenski
Feb. 19, 2015

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) is seeking to accommodate the city’s growing need for affordable housing for its seniors, officials say, as they prepare to file a proposal with US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that would up its ratio to 80 percent elderly and 20 percent non-elderly disabled residents in sanctioned elderly-disabled housing developments.


At-Large City Councillor Ayanna Pressley and Dorchester District Councillor Frank Baker have written a formal letter of support for the ratio change to be unveiled at the council meeting next Wednesday when the council will vote at that meeting whether or not to support the move.

Pressley noted the ratio shift would bring Boston in line with the state standard as well as those used in other large cities around the country, and cited a 2011 incident in Brighton when a mentally ill man shot his elderly downstairs neighbor outside of a disabled-elderly housing development.

“We should be prioritizing those most vulnerable,” Pressley told the Reporter on Friday. “They should not be living in the same space and we need to tip the scales to the seniors. We need to address the policy formula and then once we get to that we can mitigate any adverse impacts from that.”

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