Ayanna Continues fighting for Vulnerable Populations - Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Continues fighting for Vulnerable Populations

The Dorchester Reporter Covering Ayanna's pursuit of a fourth term on the Council

Pressley builds case for fourth-term on city council

By Jennifer Smith
October 22, 2015

In her sixth year as an at-large city councillor and seeking a fourth term, Ayanna Pressley is not resting on her laurels... She remains visible in the neighborhoods, and in the council chamber, as the Nov. 3 election day draws near.

Pressley hosted her fifth hearing on trauma on Oct. 14, a four-hour meeting that intended to be a culmination of her work in the area up until that point. She oversaw the hearing “to discuss the status of a city coordinated trauma response and recovery system for survivors of violence and homicide” as part of her role as founder and chair of the council committee on Healthy Women, Families, & Communities.

“The work I’m doing is this life’s work.”...“I’ve found it critical to focus on very specific areas you’re looking to move the needle on,” she said, noting that she could not do her work without partnerships on the council and in the communities she serves.

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