We need your ideas to make our streets safer - Ayanna Pressley

We need your ideas to make our streets safer

AP_Profile_Pic.jpgI’m looking forward to Monday’s City Council hearing to discuss ongoing improvements to Boston’s cycling infrastructure. The more ideas we hear from cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, the closer we get to everyone’s goal - making our streets safer for all our commuters.

Click here for more information on this important hearing. This hearing will also be broadcast on the city channel and streamed live at this link.

The city of Boston has embarked on an ambitious effort to increase the accessibility and availability of bicycles - as well as to improve our roadways to increase rider safety.

With more and more cyclists using our roads, it’s time to find a way to share our roadways to ensure the safety of everybody – no matter what their mode of transportation is.

I hope you can attend this hearing and make your voice heard. If you can’t , please share your ideas for making our streets safer for everyone. Leave feedback using the form below.

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Ayanna Pressley
Boston City Councilor