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Boston Globe Endorses Ayanna Pressley

Pressley, Wu, Flaherty, Kelly for at-large City Council

The Boston Globe released their endorsements for the City Council at-Large candidates.

Pressley sailed to the top of the at-large ticket again

Pressley is running for reelection on her own terms
By Meghan E. Irons, The Boston Globe

Pressley is running on her own terms in her quest for a third two-year stint on the council. Campaigning hard and refusing to take any vote for granted, Pressley uses her own personal experience to focus on trauma affecting children all over the country.

Boston Globe interview with Ayanna Pressley

The Boston Globe asked Pressley about her stances on local issues such as the Boston Fire Department, Boston Public Schools, and the Boston Residency Job Policy. The Globe also asked the Councilor about her personal story.

Read the full interview here:


Pressley presses for changes in public policy

Ayanna Pressley keeps focus on families, schools
Yawu Miller, The Bay State Banner

In 10 minutes on a sidewalk in Dudley Square, City Councilor At-Large Ayanna Pressley engages in a series of conversations with constituents that outline the highlights of her work over the last two terms.

Pressley spoke about her priorities for k-12 education, how she has been advocating for more funding for wraparound services for children who come to school with what she calls “adult problems.”

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